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How to masturbathe? (male)

It’s worth noting to sometime take this chance to learn things the ‘positive’ way? I’d guess somehow it’s not something bad to know out of curiousity, and to ask and not to learn from the bad way, etc. rape?. That might be from one of the way you can let yourself to better educate yourself and clear yourself from myths and taboos.
This is the best representational object I can find closest to the real thing. Of course you can never find me to shoot the real thing! Hahaha, and I don’t want also this site to be labelled as a porn site as well. And young one can learn from this as well.
Of course, sometime it might be a trouble that the size of ‘it’ can be troublesome as you can see. But of course, it’s a lame joke from me :P. A general gesture would be like this. Regardless of what size it might be. So do not worry.
Coming back to reality, observe the picture from left to right, which in rhythm and of course, make sure yourself are not hurt from over putting force on it, and repeat the action until you get the weird ‘feel’. Repeat this process until you are done.
Of course, remember to clean up the mess :). And according to studies, there are no harm towards this action or growing hairy palm from what the ‘rumour’ that you might heard. And of course, to know what you’re doing is more important and be responsible šŸ™‚

Interested in knowing a little bit more about this issue? Below are some interesting link I got off the internet:


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2 Responses

  1. siaopoh says:

    walao..******** siaokia…***

  2. WTF again..... says:

    ………this…..wepside…….is…….a……..useless……piece……of…….crap……….i dont know why someone makes a wepside like this……but thy must RLY thing whit they ASS. šŸ˜› Peace PPl -Š–Å¦Ę’

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