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How to switch on your Mac?

Some, might not be all of us would be very lucky to afford a Mac, or course, with the recent announcement of newer batch of Macs with Intel processor, it proved to be somehow a better buy.

Let’s say you have this cute eMac lying in your room. Make sure the power cable’s properly plugged on.
Locate this switch on the bottom right side of your eMac

A gentle touch would run it.

The power led with be noticed in front of it.
The new iMac G5
You have this babe?

Reached out at the back-left side of the monitor.
A touch would enabled it to run.

The ancient
Or you have the ancient machine? The POWER PC!

The power black dot is the power switch


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4 Responses

  1. […] Oh and props for writing a guide on how to turn on an Emac. […]

  2. dennispater says:

    How do I put it off then

  3. William says:

    Saved me a lot of embarrassment early morning – thanks a lot!
    Had trouble on the new mac machine in my office.

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