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How to read manga?

Here in Asia, that might be applicable to a lot of Western countries now, Manga is one popular word, which is similar to Comic, but in a lot of different aspect, the reading style, and the content as well. I won't take much time explaining what it is, which you can google it out about the meaning.

Here you'll learn on how to read a typical Manga.
readmanga (1).jpg
Obviously, it originated from Japan and you have to read from right-to-left.
readmanga (2).jpgreadmanga (3).jpg
Flip the page and you'll see a normal layout of how a comic would be.
readmanga (4).jpg
Looking deeper into it you'll see various boxes of conversation and you'll have to read from the direction right to left, up to bottom.
readmanga (5).jpg
Nothing unusual, just extra fun.

readmanga (6).jpg
And of course, do not ask why I choose this manga,this is because I only have this at this moment.
readmanga (7).jpg
Eye Shield 21,if you ever want to enjoy a good manga, try this. Enjoy!

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18 Responses

  1. Michael says:

    My friend reads Eye Shield 21. I however don’t. But the anime is pretty funny.

  2. ManMeng says:

    At first I didn’t as well, though my friend recommended me one, and it was in Chinese (I have problem reading in that language :O). So well until i bumped into a translated version, i was sooo soo soo hooked up with it.

    Pretty good one.

  3. mikaze says:

    I think we can’t say that manga is “kind a comic”…

  4. nichola_tt says:

    hi, i have recently embarked on the anime/manga craze and the reading style was a bit funny and while i am a natural speedreader (Western style), reading Eastern style takes a bit getting used to and i have thus found your information to be rather useful

  5. ManMeng says:

    thanks a lot nichola_tt 😀
    hope you enjoy reading mangas, yeah it does get a while to use to, but when you get a hang of it, you can’t seem to get rid of the addiction of reading manga.

  6. justin says:

    thanks for the info i jsut started reading manga, i was so confused. but now i get it thanks

  7. Bob says:

    You can read manga at

  8. Teresa says:

    I’m a personal fan of “fruit basket” and “peach girl”. They are both great mangas!

  9. tina says:

    i was in the same position a year ago. i had to have my bff explain it to me!
    but now you cant get me away from them!!!!!!!!!

  10. Kaitie says:

    Hey, this was pretty helpful. I just bought two mangas and I had no idea how to read them. Now that I know, I love to read them and will be buying more.

  11. Vinnie says:

    Thanks! I started reading manga a few days ago ( but already found out how to read them ^^

  12. nandha63 says:

    i just started to read manga . . . .

    after i read the instruction it’s eazy and intresting to read manga . . . .

    cheers ! ! ! ! 🙂

  13. Tucker says:


  14. Dino-Rawr :3 says:

    this gave no help.fawk u

  15. Thanks A Bunch! Now I Can Read My Newest Pokemon Book!

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