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How to cut your fingernails

And another classic example on how you can cut your fingernails (applicable to your foot nails as well).

And you have grown the nails to a certain extend that it looks ugly and accumulates dust and dirt.

You can get this from almost departmental stores or hypermarket.

You not need to have a degree to do this.

Turn the top over.

And hold it like this.

With extreme care, make sure you didnt cut your flesh with this, put the nail cutter close to your nails.

A more close-up.

And here's when you done it!

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8 Responses

  1. tsinikal says:

    how to be a sohai.

    1. refer to ** *** ****.

  2. WTF says:

    What the hell is this wepside aboudt? How to cut ur nails off?!? every ideot can do it…..i wastet 10 sec of my life doing this!!!

  3. mr.eims says:

    maybe you could create a post about other way to cut ur fingernails.
    i have seen a few ways of cutting fungernails, one of my friend cut his fingernails using razorblade..sounds and does looks scary but the cut was nicer than using normal nail cutter

  4. ZOMG says:

    that was corible !!!! how the f i am supposed to cut it

  5. Anon says:

    Lol @ pissed off people and their sh1tty spelling

  6. shin says:

    what the heck is disss??!!

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